Saturday, March 13, 2010


On Thursday my sister & I took our kids to Disneyland. My sister has a year pass & then I was gonna use a 2fer pass that would have expired the next day. We get up there only to find out that we had the wrong ticket, it must have gotten mixed up from the last time we came up because the park was telling us that the ticket had already been used twice. We talked to 4 different people & continued to get the same response. But being the persistent gal that I am I finally decided to ask to talk to a manager. Well they were finally able to find the ticket in their system because Erin had bought her year pass at the same time of the ticket. An hour later we were finally in the park. The kids did great & we had so much fun. Noah wasn't too sure about the characters but he never cried or tried to get away. We didn't get a picture but at one point Noah grabbed Mickey's ear!!!

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