Wednesday, October 17, 2018

2016-2017 School Year...

1st day versus last day of Second grade.

1st day versus last day of Kindergarten.

Crazy Hair Day

Always fun when I can help in the class.

One of the many Pinterest ideas we've used through out the years!

I loved this year at the International Fair.  Grant did so awesome with his dance.  I remember how he would tell me that the teacher would use him and his dance partner as examples to show the rest of the class how to dance.  He wouldn't admit it but I really think he enjoyed learning and performing this dance.  I loved when he went down into near splits!  I was seriously crying while video taping, proud mom moment! They did so good that they were able to perform again at LMS for their dance teachers recital.

These best buds were able to be in the same class but are sad they haven't been in the same class since, maybe third grade will be their lucky year!

Grant sure loved Senroa Mendoza.  She really worked hard with Grant.  She noticed quickly that Grant likes to day dream so she found many ways to get his mind back into class and on track.

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