Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Field Trip

Noah absolutely loves preschool. He has been going since October and has loved every minute of it. He never complains and always comments on how excited he is do go and see his friends. I am so glad he is able to go and really enjoys being there with his sweetest teacher Mrs. Patty and all his 9 classmates. On February 27th he took a field trip to Seaworld. It was supposed to rain so we bundled up and headed out. It turned out to be a beautiful day so we decided to stay longer for the new dolphin show. Literally right when the show started it bega to pour. Luckily we were prepared with our umbrellas but Grant was not a fan. We left a little early and by the time the show was over and we were loaded up in our soaking wet stroller the rain had stopped. Noah still had a great time spending time seeing all the animals and running around with all his friends.

Grants First time at Seaworld, enjoying the beluga whales.

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