Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mom and Dads Valentine's

Knowing we wouldn't be able to go out tonight Dan planned a fun date night last Friday. We went to Roy's in La Jolla then walked down by La Jolla shores and found a spot to snuggle (and maybe made out a little!) I am so grateful for a loving husband that knows it's important to go out on dates, enjoying some much needed alone time! Today he came home from lunch and brought me this beautiful bouquet of roses so I then gave him his bouquet of flowers (ie candy). He wouldn't let me give him his card because he said he has something more for tonight so he wanted to wait- so who knows what the surprise will be!

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The Crandallions said...

So cute! I'm sure he loved it. Great idea. And candy is always best for guys, that's what I bought Ryan.