Friday, May 28, 2010

Lets go Padres!

For Dan's birthday Rick & Erin got him tix to the Padres vs. the Dodgers. The kids loved it, they just played in the sand most of the time. We have such an amazing stadium, they have a lot of fun stuff for the kiddos. I guess it's to be expected since everyone is drinking but there were some people giving Noah a little too much attention. One girl grabs his hand & takes a picture with him, then this guy behind us kept grabbing Noah's hand & giving him hi fives & teaching him how to punch the kids picking on him, then the creepiest part was when Dan was changing Noah's diaper & this man stops & says "good job" & then just stood there watching Dan change his diaper- why are people so weird & creepy. All in all we had a great time. Anytime the crowd would start cheering Noah would stop what he was doing & get a big grin on his face & start clapping.

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mistyb said...

what a fun birthday celebration! Weird creepy people though probably need to back off. ;) hope you guys are doing good and that you are feeling good with the new pregnancy! :)