Thursday, May 27, 2010

Congrats Whit...

I just wanted to say congrats to my younger sister Whitney for her graduation last Friday the 21st from SDSU. She is such a smart girl & know she will be an awesome teacher! Then the next day my sisters, mom, & I threw a bridal shower since Whit will FINALLY be getting married next Friday, June 4th. We did the classic game in seeing how much she knows her soon to be hubby, having to chew a big piece of gum every time she got an answer incorrect. Then my sister Michal found a new game I hadn't seen done before. The scenario was that the on the first night as a newly wed couple the electricity went out & Whitney had to get all dolled up for Graham in the dark! It was so funny watching her, I guess Whit isn't too sure where underwear & bra's go since she had them backwards!!!

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