Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Bash

This past Friday my sisters & I had a halloween party which I think was a success. We ended up having close to fifty people, so thank you so much mom & dad for allowing us to have it at your house. Everyone's costumes were awesome, here are a few pic's below. We had lots of yummy food, a dance floor for everyone to get their groove on, & a fun game of Fear Factor. I wish I had my video camera during the game. We first started with a maze with mouse traps blind folded, everyone would scream anytime someone got close to it. Someone was actually brave enough to go barefoot & one mouse trap snapped closed on poor Robert's big toe! Then the top 6 couples moved on to the next round which was eating either liver or clams with whip cream. There were a few people gagging but only my brother threw his clams up! Finally the top three couples moved onto a relay race. They first had to dig through a cat box full of pee & poop (vinegar & melted tootsie rolls of course) find the key, unlock their partner & then pop a balloon to find the number of times they had to shoot their partner with a paintball gun! This was all timed & didn't stop until they actually shot their partner. I think everyone really had a lot of fun, Jack & Jill won the game! Hopefully we can make next years even better, we'll just have to wait & see! Above are some pic's of the game & all the fun decorations.

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mistyb said...

that looks like so much fun!! Wow seriously awesome party! love all the costumes! Wish we were there to party with you guys!!