Saturday, November 21, 2009


On Veterans day my sister & her girls went with us to Disneyland. It was crazy busy but overall we had a fun time. Noah wasn't too sure of the rides since they were all in the dark, he never cried but was sure close. I think Dan finally realizes that he's a little too young right now to really appreciate the fun to be had at Disneyland. Charlie was going crazy in the long lines, always taking off running- you can't blame the child for wanting to get to the front! By far the 3d toy story ride at California Adventure was our fav.

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erin marin said...

you put it rather mildly because charlie was being a beast!!! yes it was our favorite ride and we still owe dan an apology for giving him such a hard time for making us stand in that line! fyi dan looks kinda weird in that picture of him standing in front of the buzz lightyear ride! hahaha!