Sunday, December 7, 2008

A soggy Thanksgiving!

So on Thanksgiving my family and I decided to do the Father Joe's Turkey Trot. As what started off on a sunny day turned into a fun down pour of rain.  It rained the hole time, we were all soaked; except Noah who was nice, warm, and dry in his stroller.  Though we were soaked I think we all had a memorable experience and hope to do it again next year!  That weekend we went up to Dan's parents leaving the car at home.  Sunday morning when we were ready to leave for church we open the doors to our car only to find a nice mildew smell.  We had soaked the car so much we didn't even think about rolling the windows down so the car could air out.  Two weeks later and a car wash our car is just now starting to smell a little better!

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Beach Mommy said...

Awesome! How far was it??