Monday, December 15, 2008

Dan Drumming

Here's Dan messing around on TJ's drums. Dan used to be in a band 'One Reason' and he will probably tell you he had to sell his drums to buy my wedding ring, which of course is not true! I do miss watching him play, I so would be his #1 fan!!!


Beach Mommy said...

I love the faces drummers make when they're in action.... all of them do it too. I had no idea he was in a band... way to go you rockstar you!

Jen said...

Wow...I had no idea he had such talent. I love your new family picture. You all look great!!

Anonymous said...

I think Brycen would be in line as a big fan too! He keeps saying again, again! He pats his leg along & bobs his head to the beat. Dan has a little fan in WA!