Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Much Better

So the other day I woke up and decided after six weeks I would finally make my bed!  I always make my bed but since Noah was born I have found that I have been neglecting my house.  I started cleaning at 9 and didn't stop until 3.  There was still so much to be done but I had to get ready for our Corona trip.  Doesn't your room look so much better just by simply making a bed!


Beach Mommy said...

That's I'm doing the same thing:) My mom always said if you at least do the dishes, make the beds, and wipe down the mirrors and bathroom faucets, your whole house will appear so much cleaner than it may even be. I'm finding that to be true and helpful now that I'm always picking up toys, pillows, folding clothes, etc... If someone's coming over, I at least tackle those 3 things real quick! have fun in Corona.

*J*E*N* said...

I am convinced that if the only thing I can get done is to make my bed than I have had some control over the day :)