Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby Blessings!

So many babies!!! So last week the 26th was Dan's brother David's baby Aaron's blessing (did you get that!).  It was a beautiful blessing and then the next Sunday was Noah's turn.  We are grateful for our families, we are so blessed to have them in our lives.  
Everyone who participated in Aaron's blessing.
Here is Dan's family except for his brother Mike that lives in Virginia.
Dan and his cute mother Shirley.
Here is almost everyone who participated in Noah's blessing on the 2nd of November.  My dad left early to pick up his mother and my Grandpa somehow disappeared.

Here is the whole clan (minus my dad).  It was such a great day.  There were also 2 other blessings the same day, it is so awesome to see so many new babies in our ward.  Thank you mom for making such a great tasty luncheon for everyone while I was sick in bed, you are the best.


mistyb said...

I love baby blessings! how fun to have so many so close together!

Beach Mommy said...

Noah really is adorable! Sorry to hear you were sick - thank heavens for moms, they know how to dive in and helping without being summoned:)