Thursday, September 29, 2016

Noah's 2015 School year, 1st Grade

 Noah grew so much in first grade.  Senorita Gillingham was a great, organized, patient 2nd year teacher. 
 Once again, no candy/food. 

 Jog-a-thon, the biggest fundraiser for Noah's school.
Noah has 10 fingers up but it sure looks like he ran 11 laps, per his shirt.   It wasn't too terribly hot that year so I actually got out there and ran with him.

 Character in a can!  Noah was loving Basketball at the time so he chose to do his presentation on Michael Jordan.  Thank goodness for Aunt Michal who is artistic because this mom sure isn't!
International Fair dance.  Noah did so good, he would show us his dance at home- he had it down before the big show!  Their country was India and did a dance to Jai Ho.

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