Friday, June 21, 2013

No more Preschool

All the above art was from Noah's first year of Preschool with Mrs. Patty.  Noah loved her, she was the Grandma type and made Noah's 1st preschool experience so easy. She was all about parties, crafts, riding bikes, and singing songs.  When Noah turned 4 I thought 3 days instead of 2 would be beneficial to prepare him for Kindergarten.  He then started going to Mrs. Katy's class which he grew to love.  He missed his best buds Hunter and Isaiah (as pictured above) but he of course made new friends.  Mrs. Katy was more about leadership skills, learning to listen in a class setting; she wasn't much for parties or crafts as you can see below (he only has one picture of the things he made)!  Can't believe Noah will be starting Transitional Kindergarten in September, my baby boy is growing up too fast.  Noah can count to 20 and recognize his numbers but is still having trouble recognizing his letters but hopefully TK will take care of that.  Noah loved Preschool but we are so excited for the  summer with plans for yosemite, beach camp, pool days, and so much more!

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