Friday, June 22, 2012

Dan's Birthday Surprise!!!

Dan's 33rd Birthday was May 7th and being the wonderful wife that I am I had a big surprise for him!!! Dan had been wanting to buy a dirt bike for quit sometime (all because of his brother and father in-law's bad influence!).  One Sunday after church Dan informs me that Graham and him were going to San Marcos to "look" at a dirt bike. I of course was "oh heck's no".   I then had a crazy idea of having just Graham go and see if the bike was worth buying without Dan's knowledge.  Dan was sad he couldn't go but soon got over it, saying "we need to wait till we re-fiance any way before I buy anything." Graham of course bought the bike and we had to keep it a surprise for a whole month, all the while my Dad and Graham kept telling me "you are so mean just give it to him now so we can go riding" but I of course stood my ground and didn't give it to him until the day of his birthday. I am still against Dan having a dirt bike but the more I thought about it I knew Dan of all people deserved it.  I took Dan to The Butcher Shop which was delicious and then came home with everyone waiting in the garage with Dan's big Surprise.  The look on his face was priceless.  When we pulled up I could see the tears in his eyes, he had no idea- it was the perfect surprise!!!

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