Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby Boy is 1 Years Old

I cannot believe that my baby boy is already 1, where has the time gone. I feel as though now that I have 2 I don't have as much time to put all my focus and energy on just one child this time around. I am now consciously trying to give this little man as much attention as I can. My boys are growing up too fast and it makes me sad. I know I need to start taking advantage of the tender moments I have with these beautiful boys because I know soon they will not want to hang out with me and say sweet things like Noah saying, "momma, I love you- you are the best."

Grant loves to eat anything and we thought for sure he would dig right into his cake unlike his older brother. Grant was not about his cake, it took some time but soon enough he had fun making a mess!

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ABCollins said...

Can I just say that Noah and Grant are so cute! I love having Noah in nursery, he's a sweetie!