Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Adventures

I am not a fan of driving long distances so when all my family decided to drive to Utah for Thanksgiving I thought is would be a great idea to fly, boy was I wrong. What should have been an hour and a half flight took us 6 hours. We got to the San Diego airport at 3pm and didn't land in Salt Lake city until 11:30 pm so I guess we only saved ourselves 4 hours. We took off Tuesday which was the day a blizzard decided to come to SLC. We circled SLC for 2 hours because they were not cleared for landing. Only one runway was open due to the snowy conditions and then they closed it making our plane turn around and land in Las Vegas. I couldn't believe it. We were cheap and sent our luggage with the fam so I thought we would be stranded in Las Vegas with nothing but our clothes on our backs. Fortunately they decided to refuel and attempt to land in Salt Lake City again. They told us we would be taking off in about 20 minutes but that turned into a hour and a half. Once we finally landed in SLC I was so happy but the fun wasn't over yet. There was not an open gate for us to pull up to so we had to wait 45 minutes before they pulled up to the gate. I felt so bad because my dad and uncle Kevin were waiting outside in the freezing weather not to mention this was their second trip to the airport in a blizzard! I was thankful that our boys were so good. Noah slept through the first flight and then from Vegas he just watched movies while Grant just nursed every time he started crying. As everyone was getting off the plane they were telling us how great our kids were. I would still fly over driving any day but this was not a fun experience at all. Once we finally got to my aunts house we had dinner at 12:20 in the morning, we hadn't eaten since lunch and they had no food on the plane. Noah was wired and didn't fall asleep until 1:20 am. We had a great time in SLC though despite this set back.

We had a lot of fun sledding or at least I did! The first time down the hill all three of us went and Noah's legs were dragging which then caused all the snow to spray us in the face. Noah was not a fan of being cold and therefore was not letting me take any nice pictures the whole trip but I still tried!
Here we are at "this is the place" but didn't get to go in since it was closed but it still was beautiful with all the white snow.
We also went on a tour at the conference center to kill some time before the lights went on at temple square.

Whitney is always trying to get some loves from Noah but for some reason Noah is not a fan of his aunt Whitney or really much of anyone!!! She can just say hi and he right away scowls while saying "NO". So when he actual said "I give you loves" and let her take a picture with him she was so surprised and excited!!! Utah must have put him in a good mood because he was even being nice to Graham.

This is Noah's famous choke hold on his uncle TJ, don't know how I feel about that.

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