Sunday, July 11, 2010

"I Potty"

So the other day out of no where Noah says "I go potty" as he is standing by the toilet & pulling at his pants. I thought there was no way he would actually go. I put him on the potty & he would do a few little toots, smile & then get up. I put him back on the toilet probably 3 times & then he finally went & to my surprise he actually went #2! I was so proud I sent a picture of his little present to all my family, I don't think they appreciated that too well so I thought I would spare all you bloggers & just put a lovely picture of a toilet! The next morning he did the same thing but went #1. So I guess I should take the initiative now & get him potty trained before boy #2 comes. If anyone has any helpful tips I am all ears.

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