Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Things I LOVE about This BOY!!!

I love your little laugh, you laugh so hard sometimes you get the hiccups. I love when you cross your little ankles when you are sitting like you are Mr. El Relaxo. I love your little dimple on the right side of your mouth. I love when you tilt your head to one side to look at something. I love when you play with my hair. I love that you can be playing but as soon as you hear music on the tv you stop what you are doing and just watch until the song is over. I love your chubby little cheeks so I can kiss them. I love your big green eyes & long eyelashes. I love rocking you to sleep, you fit so perfectly in the crook of my neck. I love all the sounds you make, especially when you smack your gums together- Mr. Toothless! I love all of your expressions, especially your curious face- you always concentrate so hard on things. I love that you are a people watcher just like your momma! I love that just looking at you, you can bring a smile to anyone's face. I love that just the little things make you so happy, I need to remember that at times when I am complaining. I love your sweet little spirit. Most of all I love that you are a part of my life. Love you, my little baby Noah!


RaeRae said...

he is a doll. so cute. I am so glad i saw you the other night. Thanks so much. Peter is doing really good healing nicely. thanks again

*J*E*N* said...

He is adorable! I love how you wrote about "all the little things".. now you'll always remember them!

Beach Mommy said...

Something about those babies isn't there?... He's a cutie! Gotta love those Noahs -