Friday, June 22, 2007

Ice Skating with the Youth

Dan has been the Young Men's President for awhile now and I am still the 1st counselor in Yw's (3 years and counting!) We had a lot of fun iceskating with the youth at the Kroc center last month. Didn't have any pic's of Dan since he was hogging the camera. I am grateful for our callings, it can be hard at times but it is also so much fun working with our youth. Girls camp is next week and I am excited that I will be able to spend a day with all the girls.


mistyb said...

ohh how fun I so miss the girls down there. they are awesome!! love all your pictures!!!

Heidi said...

Can't wait for Girl's Camp next week. Wish you were there with me the whole time!

mistyb said...

happy birthday Justyn. hope you had a great day!!!